Past Projects

  • Providing better sanitation for children with leukaemia

    Often short of funds, the National Cancer Hospital at Maharagama is dependent to a great extent on private contributions to fulfil its mission. The toilet facilities at the hospital’s Children’s Leukaemia Ward had fallen into a dilapidated and insanitary condition, putting the young patients housed in the ward, many of whom are being treated with immunosuppressive drugs, at high risk from infection. Putting contributions amounting to more than Rs. 1.2m (as well as their own time and energy) to good use, MillenniumIT staff members renovated the facilities; discovering the rewards of making a personal, hands-on contribution in a worthy cause.
  • Autism awareness video project

    E.A.S.E Foundation provides training in Facilitated Communications for people with speech impairments and works to help change society’s attitudes towards those with disabilities.

    The video is aimed at raisingpublic awareness to celebrate diversity by accepting everyone, including those with disabilities, as equal members of society.