Lions: empower through education

The Lions commitment to social entrepreneurship was to improve the library and set up acomputer lab at Parakrama Children’s Home, Kandana.To ensure sustainability of the project, the Lions also provided basic training on computer maintenance to the care givers atthis facility.

Parakrama Children’s home admits children aged 6-14 years.The Lions identified a need for library books to teach the children the basics of English and enhance their knowledge of Sinhala.There was also a dearth of IT books to give the children basic knowledge of computers and information technology.

The home had six computers, but none of them were in working order.The Lions donated new computers, provided internet connectivity and trained staff members on computer maintenance to help ensurethe sustainability of the computer lab.

Funds were raised for the project through computer gaming sessions, which proved to be wildly popular, as well asMehendi Magic, IT Workshops and bake sales.