Sharing our knowledge with young people

Sharing our knowledge

The IT workshop at Udawela was attended by pupils from five schools in the district: besides Udawela MMV itself, the other attendees were scholars in grades 10-13 from UdawelaBandaranayaka Secondary School (workshop centre), Meegolla Senior School, Ulpathagama Senior School, Keenapelessa Girls’ School and Udaththwa Senior School.

‘The main objective of this initiative was to deliver a set of basic computing lectures followed by selected topics in IT, which was what the school administrators requested,’ said Gayan Dharmadasa, the MillleniumIT associate tech lead who managed the initiative. ‘Besides the structured sessions, the pupils also received an important bonus by way ofinformal advice from MillenniumIT team members about career options and choices that they can make. Judging by the response we received, the pupils found the advice valuable.’

Topics covered at the workshop were the basics of computing, computer hardware, how to buy a computer, the internet, computer viruses, computer programming with VisualBasic 6.0, information systems and the software development life cycle. Workshop attendees were also presented with school bags, uniform material and stationery, while used textbooks were donated to their respective school libraries. Funds for these donations were contributed by MillenniumIT staff.