How to Write an Effective Application

This section is especially important if you're applying for an internship or your first job.

1. Don't forget the basics
Be concise, but don't sacrifice informativeness for the sake of brevity. If you're applying for a particular post, head up your application by indicating the name of the post. If you are simply supplying a CV for consideration, head it with the particular area of operations or expertise to which you hope to be hired.

2. Focus on your skills and abilities
At this stage in life you probably lack relevant work experience, so make the best of what you've got by showing how the skills and abilities you possess match the profile we're looking for - both generally, from all potential employees (a quick look round this site will give you a good idea of that), and specifically in terms of the job you're applying for. 

In particular, emphasising team skills and stating a willingness to work long hours to gain knowledge and experience will go a very long way with us. But you'd better mean it - you won't last long at MillenniumIT if you aren't willing to carry your share of the load.

3. Mention Relevant Academic & Other Achievements
Your accompanying CV will do most of the work here, but you should mention key academic and other achievements in your letter of application. Stick to what's strictly relevant; we don't want to hear about the history prize you won in Grade Six, or your piano-playing skills.

4. Explain Exactly Why You Want to Work at MillenniumIT
Let's face it: this isn't just any company, and what we offer isn't just any old job. When you join MillenniumIT, you become part of a very special group of people - ultra-high achievers performing at a level rarely seen except in a few top firms, mostly in the world's more advanced countries. Obviously, lots of people want to be part of that - but mostly for the wrong reasons. If you want to make it to the interview stage, convince us that you want in for the right reasons. So tell us just why you want to work with us (but keep it short). If we think you're on the right track, you're pretty much guaranteed an interview.

Need more information on how to write a job application? Try this site for more details.