How To Get Hired


As you might guess, we see a lot of job applications here at MillenniumIT. And while we're constantly on the lookout for good people, it's simply impossible for us to consider every single application, or interview a large number of applicants.

To get our attention, your application and you need to stand out from the herd. Gimmicks won't help: forget about letters or scented paper, CVs on CD-ROM and singing telegrams. The way to get noticed is to communicate, rapidly and effectively, the essential things about you that will make us want to hire you, and then convince us that you're worth taking the time to interview and hire.

This section of our site is a guide to help you make that happen. Follow the hints and tips in the links below, and your chances of becoming a player on the MillenniumIT team will significantly improve. Of course, we're not making any promises. In the end, it all depends on you!

Good luck from
The Recruitment Team