Internship Programme

MillenniumIT offers a variety of unpaid internships for young people keen to make their careers in information technology and software development. These internships confer invaluable experience of working life in a world-leading IT company involved in the capital markets sector.

Qualifications for becoming an intern are a genuine interest in the field and high academic achievement to date in a current study programme covering subjects of direct relevance to the field. Selection is by interview.

Read an account of some interns' experiences below.
Lilasha de Silva - Project Management & Business Development - Intern - Employee since 2014

One of my hobbies is baking, and in my short time at MillenniumIT I’ve come to realize that project management is a bit like cake-making: you have to put the right ingredients together, in the right quantities, at the right time and in the right sequence to get the best possible result. And yes, you do have to apply a bit of heat and pressure!

I recently obtained my BSc. in Computer Science and Software Engineering) from Edith Cowen University, Australia. Since December 2014, I’ve been interning full-time at MillenniumIT. I’ve been very fortunate to find myself working with a couple of great managers and an amazing team who have, during this period, become my extended family. My managers have been patient and understanding with me during my learning phase and have always been available when I needed to seek their advice.

MillenniumIT is a great place to start an internship, especially for fresh graduates. The environment here is extremely relaxed and friendly with flexible work times and talented people. And it’s not just about work – we have a lot of fun too!
Aravindi Amarasinghe - Quality Control Engineer - Employee since 2012

Interning here feels like I'm still at university in some ways. When I came in for my interview, the first thing I saw in the lobby was a group of my batch-mates and seniors who had already joined. It didn't feel like a separate company. I was interviewed by the three most senior consultants at MillenniumIT and it felt it more like a chat than an interview, they were so friendly. I walked out thinking 'This is the place I want to be.' And even before I got back to campus my coordinator called me and said, 'Congratulations, Aravindi, you've been selected for a BA internship at MillenniumIT.'
Lavindhi Senapathiratne - Admin-Intern - Employee since 2012

The experience of being part of MillenniumIT is one of joy and excitement. When I first began, I had mixed feelings. It was challenging, I feared that having just left school I would be considered insignificant. However, from the very first I was made to feel welcome and accepted, the people are friendly, open and easy to work with. I have embraced the challenge of working at MillenniumIT, and best of all it is bringing me closer to achieve my career goal of becoming a successful Human Resource Developer. MillenniumIT is a great place to work and I am enjoying every moment.