Meet Our People

Chethana Dharmawardane - Business Analyst - Central Counterparty Division - Employee since 2014

After obtaining my degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, I joined MillenniumIT in March 2014. In twelve short months, I’ve worked on two separate projects – one of them being Phase 2 of our Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) implementation PostTrade LOB).

On the SGX job, I had the opportunity to correspond with clients and go on-site – quite a thrill for someone who’d only just joined the company! I joined another high profile client project in July 2014 while the project was at the proof-of-concept (POC) stage. It was a challenging time – to say the least – but I feel privileged about getting the opportunity to be involved in this project from such an early stage.

When I left university, everyone told me the working world was going to be very different, but at MillenniumIT the transition has been easy. And though the work is challenging, I still have time for my hobbies (I’m a self-proclaimed fitness freak, dancer, MMA fighter and yoga buff) –and pursuing my life’s ambition of one day owning a dog bigger than I am!
Nishadi Malalgoda - Consultant - Employee since 2011

I interned at MillenniumIT before I took my master's degree. Afterwards, job-hunting, I thoroughly researched not just Sri Lankan companies but also companies overseas to find out which ones attracted me most. My research only served to emphasise how far ahead Millennium was, not just in the international IT and capital-markets sectors but across the board. I spoke to giants like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Millennium competitors like NYSE and Virtusa, and the main thing that fascinated them about me was that I'd worked at MillenniumIT! After those chats, even though I was headhunted by them a lot, nothing made more sense to me than re-joining Millennium.
Madhuka Karunaratne - Senior Technical Writer - Employee since 2008

Being a single mum, I have to juggle my responsibilities at MillenniumIT with family and personal commitments. It's not always easy, but the flexible working hours, plus a créche at work and the freedom to work from home when necessary mean that I've never had to compromise one set of commitments for the other.