Custom built for brilliance: MillenniumIT’s latest development

Colombo, Sri Lanka: MillenniumIT, a leading technology solutions provider, today officially opened its latest innovation hub – the Turing building. This new addition is now the centrepiece of the 17 acre campus – an area which also features, among other things, a crèche, a staff hotel and a cricket pitch.

A passion for innovation and a commitment to its people are two of the key factors behind MillenniumIT's growth. The company's new 'innovation hub' has been designed to build on ten years of experience and provide the best possible conditions for the talented teams it houses.

"The Turing Building has been custom built for innovation "says Ajit Samaranayake, MillenniumIT's Chief Scientist. “I love the uninterrupted, column-free workspace. It's just great to work in.”

“We wanted people to have natural sunlight,” explains Ajit. “But in the tropics that isn't as easy as it sounds, because the sunlight can be so bright you simply can't see the monitor screens. We needed to be able to control the light – and the heat too.” The answer was the inclusion of a 'light shelf' to intercept the light and modulate the glare. Now everyone has the best of both worlds: the pleasure of natural light and the convenience of easy-to-read screens.

Another of the building's plus factors is the way it harmonises with MillenniumIT's way of working. “We work collaboratively,” says Ajit, “talking to each other all the time.” So alongside the wide open sweep of the work area there's an array of different room types, each with its own purpose.

These include meeting rooms that can hold up to 20 people; 'concept rooms' where five or six people can spend a longer period working together; and 'thinking rooms' in which just one or two people can concentrate free from any disturbance. MillenniumIT prides itself on providing staff with the right space to let the creativity that drives the business flourish.Judging by the enthusiasm of those working in it, it's already paying dividends. As Ajit says, “If you want to get the best out of people, start by giving them the right environment.”

Lighting the traditional oil lamp - From Left: Xavier Rolet – CEO of London Stock Exchange Group, Mack Gill – CEO of MillenniumIT & Ajit Samaranayake - Chief Scientist at MillenniumIT.
Xavier Rolet – CEO of London Stock Exchange Group at the official opening of the Turing building.