Post Trade Institutions

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Post financial crisis, there is big change in post trade.  Regulation is driving harmonisation, standardisation and change. Post trade institutions are seeking new ways to:

  • Centrally clear a range of OTC derivative instruments
  • Operate more efficiently, particularly to optimise IT costs across asset classes
  • Optimally and effectively manage risk and collateral in central counter parties
  • Improve service levels and offer new revenue-enhancing services

MillenniumIT brings advanced, flexible, reliable and proven pre-trade technology to the post trade world.

Based on the MillenniumIT advanced technology platform, Millennium PostTrade™optimally balances high performance, rich functionality, flexibility, resilience, reliability and scalability with low cost of ownership. Millennium PostTrade™ is asset class agnostic and seamlessly interoperable.  It places you at the leading edge of innovation and enables you to think differently about your business.

Millennium PostTrade™ offers real-time clearing, settlement risk and custody solutions.  It brings ground-breaking straight-through processing and DVP, erasing the distinction between front and back offices.

High-availability and efficient IT operations is available with Millennium LiveOps™.


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