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Regulators today face unprecedented challenges. They must monitor markets in real-time and enforce rules - cross-venue, cross-asset class and cross-border. This task and the need to process vast volumes of level two order data entails staggering complexity.

This must be done cost-effectively on tight budgets.  False positives (and false negatives) must be managed and minimized.

MillenniumIT believe that market monitoring & surveillance solutions should be as state-of-the-art as the trading algorithms and strategies themselves.

MillenniumIT brings our advanced technology platform to market surveillance. Millennium Surveillance™ offers:

  • State-the-art multi-asset class, multi-market and cross-market monitoring and compliance
  • Big data capability and associated analytical tools
  • Flexible alert configuration and optimization
  • Host of advanced detection techniques and investigation tools

MillenniumIT researches innovative ways to mine data and detect market anomalies and manipulations.

High-availability and efficient IT operations is available with Millennium LiveOps™.


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