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Increased regulation, improved risk management and the need to cut costs is driving change in banks and brokers.  Increased reporting and monitoring requirements are increasing the work load. Banks and brokers are seeking new ways to:

  • Promote transparency and improve risk and collateral management
  • Drive more value from their IT assets and reduce costs
  • Effectively and efficiently meet the regulatory demands

The key is to deploy advanced, flexible, reliable and proven IT solutions, based on best-in-class technology.

Based on the MillenniumIT advanced technology platform, our products optimally balance high performance, rich functionality, flexibility, resilience, reliability and scalability with low cost of ownership. Our products are asset class agnostic and seamlessly interoperable.  They bring the MillenniumIT advantage to the whole capital market value chain.  They place you at the leading edge of innovation and enable you to think differently about your business.

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