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To thrive in the current environment, you need a trading platform that moves as quickly as you do. MillenniumIT technology powers many of the world’s financial markets. Our advanced, proven ultra-low latency technology has transformed markets and the organisations that participate in them.

Millennium Exchange™, the flagship product of MillenniumIT, offers execution venues a highly extensible trading platform.
  • It can be configured to trade any product in any type of market.
  • The platform is built on a rule-based, distributed and fault tolerant technology, enabling it to be highly reliable, scalable and flexible to meet your specific needs.
  • It has a great majority of functionality available ‘off-the-shelf’ enabling fast deployment and a shorter time to market.
  • The platform provides unrivalled levels of performance. Highly optimised processing techniques enable the system to handle very large order rates with latencies under 50 microseconds.
  • MillenniumIT’s patented BID technology allows a client’s business practices and rules to be incorporated into the platform without making changes to the software code resulting in lower support costs than other more traditional platforms.
And most importantly, it is designed to reduce the cost of trading. The system can be operated on low cost, off-the-shelf hardware making it easy to manage and operate.

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