Millennium PostTrade

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Clearing, settlement, risk and CSD solutions for the world’s markets - in real-time

Based on MillenniumIT’s advanced ultra-low latency technology platform, Millennium PostTrade™ comprises a suite of fully compatible functional modules. 

We simply assemble the necessary modules and configure the solution to suit your need.  Millennium PostTrade™ features:

  • High availability with no single point of failure.
  • Real-time (or batch based) clearing.
  • Settlement processing and reporting.
  • Corporate Actions.
  • Cross border settlement (T2S or Direct).
  • Risk management.
  • Depository services.
  • Advanced collateral management and securities lending services.
  • Trade and external data management through STP.
  • User, account and position modelling.

Using the inherent flexibility built-in to Millennium technology, Millennium PostTrade™ can handle various market structures and multiple asset classes including:

  • Markets based on CCP and non-CCP models.
  • Beneficial owner level accounting or street level accounting.
  • All three BIS settlement models.
  • Varying settlement cycles and OTC/Exchange-based trade matching.

Key customer benefits:

  • Pre-trade risk management:  preventing failure is better than detecting it.  Millennium PostTrade™ compute’s exposure at the time of every position update.  This real-time risk profile (based on portfolio-risk or value-at-risk based quantification techniques) together with a trading system can provide pre-trade risk management.  Real-time cash and securities forecasting allows participants to act on possible shortfalls well ahead of the settlement date.
  • Reduced cost with true straight through processing. MillenniumIT’s dedicated message management fully integrates Millennium PostTrade™ with any institution or system.  This enables true, cost effective, straight through processing (STP) - and improves operational efficiency and minimises input errors.  Millennium PostTrade™ reduces operational cost through a fully automated daily cycle and automated operations and monitoring tools.
  • Scalability: Millennium PostTrade™ can seamlessly scale-up to meet future needs.  

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