Millennium SOR

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Millennium SOR™ is a flexible, asset-class agnostic, highly extensible and ultra-low latency platform designed to support the varied trading needs of execution venues, sell-side and buy-side firms. The product can be deployed to address a wide range of business needs including connectivity, execution management and order management. It can handle the entire spectrum of a firm’s trading business - covering front office, middle office and back office functionality.

Given the product’s capabilities, the list of applications is immense. Today, we offer the following flavours but the list is expanding at a rapid pace:
  • General Smart Order Routing (Canada-ready SOR available off-the-shelf)
  • Connectivity hub
  • Low latency pre-trade risk management
  • Post-trade risk management
  • Advanced broker trading system with internalisation
  • Algorithmic strategy engine.

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