Millennium Surveillance

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As trading speeds and volumes continue to grow in today’s volatile markets, market monitors and regulators need ever more sophisticated and reliable surveillance tools to detect abnormal trading behaviour and promote market integrity.

Millennium Surveillance™ offers powerful tools to analyse and report such behaviour and supports further investigation, all the way through to litigation if necessary. It also offers impressive adaptability, enabling rapid compliance with regulatory changes. Rule-based, flexible, scalable and adaptable to any trading platform, Millennium Surveillance™ is your eye on the market.

  • Seamlessly adapts to rule and regulatory changes without upgrades or programmer intervention.
  • Real-time and offline transaction data analysis.
  • Instant market replay and powerful reporting (BI) capabilities.
  • Comprehensive alert and case-management capability.
  • Alert Investigation System (patent pending) - enhances alert investigation efficiency by automatically identifying the transactions and events that led to the alert. This helps bring investigations to a prompt and successful conclusion, enabling users to take rapid corrective action.

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