What We Look For in Our People

At MillenniumIT, we're all about substance, not show. We're not very interested in how you dress, whether or not you're good at cocktail-party chat or how socially well-connected you are. Perhaps more surprisingly, we're also not especially interested in obedient, soldierly employees who are always punctual at office, always spick and span (unless, of course, you're working on the marketing or client-relations side) and never contradict the boss.

Instead, we're interested in people who are really, really good at what they do, who love doing it in the company of other high achievers, who are stimulated by difficulties and challenges, and who will do what it takes to get the job done even at some personal inconvenience and discomfort. And who aren't afraid to contradict the boss when it is appropriate to do so.

These are rare qualities, so we recognise and reward them highly.
In addition to the above, though, we are also specifically interested in people with:

  • an intense curiosity, not just about their particular area of expertise but about all aspects and areas of life, particularly science and technology,
  • knowledge of and an interest in capital markets,
  • a talent for coming up with simple solutions to complex problems, and
  • a bent for innovation and creativity.