Our Inventions


Today's business environments are in a state of constant flux, margins and lead times are under increasing pressure, and customer demands always come first. Now more than ever, your business needs to be agile and responsive to compete in the global market. The right technology will enable you to meet these demands head on; the wrong technology can bring your business to a standstill. You need a technology partner who understands the unique challenges of your business, adapts solutions to your current situation, and creates a technology foundation that will work for you today and grow into tomorrow.

At MillenniumIT, specialized industry teams work closely with our product development and marketing departments to help achieve a perfect fit between our products and your needs and expectations. All of our products and services are designed with your objectives in mind. Our solutions are implemented to solve your specific business problems, and our partnerships with our clients are built on collaboration and innovation.

The MillenniumIT Technology Platform
All our products are based on the MillenniumIT technology platform. This highly advanced platform is based on a distributed parallel software design, offering very high data throughput – up to 20,000 round trip orders per second with 50µs latency. Replica processes are built-in at core level for fault tolerance and reliability. Scalability simply means adding more hardware. A common platform means that all our products are fully interoperable and, using our BID technology, can be configured to manage virtually any product in any type of market.

Business Innovation-Dynamically
All of our solutions incorporate our unique software tool "Business Innovation-Dynamically" (BID). With BID, real-time business management has come of age, and the business options are practically endless. By enabling the alteration of business processes in near real-time by reconfiguring the application to reflect changes in business rules, BID brings flexibility and a competitive edge to clients. In the capital markets sector, BID enables the user to set up trading systems to handle a wide range of different requirements and rules for trading everything from common stock and index shares to bonds, commodities, and derivative securities.

Software Fault Tolerance
MillenniumIT's software platforms are fully fault tolerant where immediately available replica processes ensure uninterrupted trading even in the face of software or hardware outages. In the event of any disruption, the failover from one system to another is smooth and does not require manual intervention. And, the fact that its software based (as opposed to having additional hardware) makes it extremely cost effective to the users.

Spatial Subscription
A new concept in market data delivery to local and remote desktops, spatial subscription gives "instant on" and "instant restore" capability to the end users. As the rate of flow of data to the desktop is proportional to the data items visible on the screen, bandwidth requirements are significantly reduced. All the data is confined to back-end computer servers with users only subscribing to the information they require. Hence, the front-end desktops can be very light and easy to maintain.

Alert Investigation System
Alert Investigation System is a core feature of MillenniumIT's Market Surveillance/Compliance system. The efficiency in which the investigation is performed is a core prerequisite in maintaining an orderly and credible market. Millennium’s Alert Investigation System enhances alert investigation efficiency by automatically identifying the transactions and events that led to the alert. This helps bring investigations to a successful conclusion faster, enabling its users to take near-real-time steps to take corrective action and minimize the effect of the manipulation on the market.

It improves the responsiveness of the system by deftly identifying the relevant transactions and events within the myriad of trading data. Its automated articulation technology annotates each manipulative transaction and event to describe the manipulation in its exact chronological order, which enables even novice users to determine the corrective actions and enhances the clarity of the subsequent litigation process as well.

It also helps precision-tune the alert process to minimize false positives, making for more effective market supervision.