Where we Work


MillenniumIT Campus
MillenniumIT's Corporate Headquarters and Software Development operations are located on the outskirts of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The total land area is around 19.5 acres whereas the total usable space amounts to around 150,000 sq ft. The current buildings can house up to 700 software professionals. There are also several environmentally friendly water features and rainwater harvesting techniques used throughout the site. The complex operates on electricity drawn from the national grid. On-site generators supply power to the entire site on a permanent basis in the event of power failures. Underground fuel storage tanks allow the generators to be run for an entire month without the need for additional fuel supplies.

The sports facilities comprise of a recreation centre for sports including squash, badminton, basketball, netball and a fully equipped gymnasium. The outdoor facilities include a cricket field, tennis courts and swimming pool.

The accommodation facilities comprise of 16 fully equipped rooms for staff working late or visitors/trainers from overseas. The accommodation building also includes a fully equipped crèche for staff with young children. The crèche is manned by a qualified teacher and helps young parents to focus on work with the knowledge that their children are close by and incapable hands.

The campus is also equipped with a cafeteria and fine-dining restaurant facilities with meals being served three times a day.